hearing aids

We offer hearing aids and add-on products from a range of leading manufacturers, meaning we can fit you with a hearing aid that suits your loss and lifestyle.

Re-think what hearing aids can do for you

Our experienced audiologists will assist you in choosing the style of your device, its technological performance level and a range of further add-ons to support your individual need and budget. There are many options with modern hearing aids, meaning your device will be sophisticated, discreet and easy to use. To ensure your satisfaction, we also offer free hearing aid trials for eligible clients, allowing you to make a well-informed decision around you hearing device choice.

Think Styles

The devices we offer depends on each client’s level of loss, lifestyle, health issues that may inhibit the devices use and personal expectations regarding the device, including its aesthetics, brand and style.


Behind The Ear


In-The-Ear & In-The-Canal



Think Price

There are a vast array of styles and technologies available for hearing devices these days. A common misconception is that the style dictates cost. Prices start from $1,650 upward, depending on the level of technology required and one’s individual needs. Again, prices may vary depending on your eligibility status as discussed under Am I Eligible?

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