Free fit hearing aidsFundamental hearing devices are offered free through the Australian Government Hearing services Programme. Some people will find that these basic devices are suitable for them. Hearing Aid suitability is determined by many factors. Firstly the level of hearing deterioration, size and shape of your ear canal, and the level of wax  your ears create. Whether you need a single or dual devices is obviously a factor also.

What is important to you - An important factor when choosing device(s) are your personal communication requirements. These are most important when deciding which type of device is the most desirable and suitable for you. Two things that can dictate the successful fitting of devices is a realistic expectation and preparedness to let them help you. Many “Free fit” clients choose to “top up” on the basic devices provide so their hearing experience is enhanced even further! Those who have a highly social life have a different need to those who are less social and enjoy spending more independent time such as watching DVD’s and other home entertainment. The advanced technology of modern hearing devices even offers different programmes for specific situations. One example is those who attend live theatre or the opera are able to have devices that with the push of a button enhances their entertainment experience (and investment). 

Client service - The relationship between Think Hearing and clients is the most important part of ensuring the client gets the full value and benefit from their devices. Once the devices have been fitted we continue to have contact to ensure devices are performing at their optimum levels to give the best possible results for our clients. Irrespective of the cost of the devices their performance needs to be monitored on a regular basis – the programming checked regularly enables aids to perform at their best, as our hearing still continues to change.

Batteries, cleaning and maintenance - Our professional staff will show you how to care for your devices at the time of fitting to make your experience of wearing aids as simple  and seamless as possible. You will be shown how to change the batteries and how to ensure your aids operate at their optimum levels. Irrespective of this, we encourage you to contact us immediately you have any issues – we may be able to fix any issue at our clinic. Regular follow ups with our clinicians will assist you in having the best possible hearing aid wearing experience possible.

Trials - Sometimes prospective wearers are unsure if they will get the expected level of benefit from hearing aids they would need to justify purchasing them; or they may not be sure if they are ready to take that step. With the support of manufactures at times we are able to offer a FREE trial. You are provided with devices to wear in your day to day environment for a week at no cost to you.  That gives you the opportunity to make an informed decision and experience the benefits of these life improving assets.