About Us

We are an independent and locally owned clinic, established in 2000.

We pride ourselves on being one of few hearing service providers that has no obligations to manufacturers, meaning we can provide our clients with unbiased advice on the best option for their individual hearing loss. Our passionate team strives to provide each client with a personalised experience, ensuring you receive the following:

  • Up-to-date audiological advice on services and products
  • An honest and ongoing support process from all our staff
  • Total dedication to providing you with the best possible hearing outcomes

Think Accessible

Conveniently located within Warringal Shopping Centre

Think Family

Client's families are welcome for support & understanding

Think History

Independent & locally owned since 2000

Think Community

Proud sponors of a range of local clubs & services

Meet The Think Hearing Team

Rebecca Lincoln


BBus, Maud, MASA (CCP)

Meagan Kendrick


MCIAud, MAudA (CCP) B Health Sc. B Behav Sc.

Ruana Jayasuriya


BSc, DipAud, MCIAud MASA (CCP)

Andrew Newland

Clinic Owner

Operating hearing services across Melbourne and Victoria since 2000

Janet Newland

Clinic Owner

Operating hearing services across Melbourne and Victoria since 2000

Kym (Spider) Spackman

Operations/Marketing Manager

Since 2006

Anika Brown

Customer Service Officer

Karen Shine

Customer Service Officer

Signs of Hearing Loss

Think Issues

  • Have you been having trouble hearing in background noise?
  • Struggling to hear in crowded environments?
  • Do you find yourself turning the volume up on your TV?
  • Asking people to repeat themselves?
  • Having trouble hearing children and women’s voices?
  • These are all hearing issues many of our clients experience unnecessarily.

Think Health

Research has proven that untreated hearing loss can result in the early onset of a range of concerns that can further deteriorate your health and well-being. These health concerns may include:

  • Social isolation, disconnection and depression
  • Reduction in balance
  • Difficulty concentrating, memory and cognition
  • Reduced alertness, risking your personal safety

(Government World Factbook; Journal of the American Medical Association, Screening and management of adult hearing loss in primary care, April 16, 2003- Vol 289, No.15)

Think Causes

The most common causes of hearing loss are related to, but not limited to:

  • Age (presbycusis): caused by natural aging of our auditory system
  • Exposure to Sustained Industrial Noise: which can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss or tinnitus
  • Medical Reasons: such as osteosclerosis, Meniere’s diseases and inner ear disease

Think Eligibility and Programs

  • Are you a Pensioner?
  • Do you hold a DVA Card?
  • Are you a member of the Australian Defence Force?
  • Have you been exposed to excessive noise in your work environment?
  • Do you have Private Health Cover with extras?
  • Are you a senior or self-funded retiree?

Contact us. You may be eligible for free or subsided hearing services and devices.