The price of our hearing aids can be subsidised or free if you are eligible through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. Think Hearing is an accredited government provider.

Are you a Pensioner or DVA card holder?

Through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program we are authorised to provide

  • FREE comprehensive hearing test performed by an audiologist
  • Subsidised or free hearing aids if required
  • All hearing device battery and maintenance (covered by a small annual fee)
  • Long term, individualised support from our audiologists

Do you have private health cover?

Depending on your level of cover and policy, you may be able to receive assistance in covering the cost when purchasing your hearing devices. Contact your Private Health Insurance provider directly and ask them the following questions to determine your eligibility for rebates:

  • Do I have extras cover?
  • Does my policy cover hearing devices?
  • Have I served the waiting period?
  • How much will my health insurance contribute for devices per ear?
  • How often can I claim for new hearing devices?
  • Will you (the provider) pay benefits towards repairs and maintenance for current hearing devices?

Were or are you exposed to excessive noise in your work environment?

Being WorkSafe approved, we have extensive experience in providing assistance to workers who have suffered hearing loss due to noise exposure in their workplaces, enabling them to better participate in social interactions and be more engaged within their workplace. Below are the ways that we can assist you in this process:

  • Identify whether your hearing loss is noise induced
  • Arrange for legal representation on your behalf to process any claims required (cost-free)
  • Receive compensation for your industrial hearing loss and rehabilitation in the form of hearing devices (average $ claim for hearing loss $18,500)
  • Assist you in maintaining any hearing devices you may have already received
  • Provide you with annual review adjustments and a supply of necessary consumables as a part of your ongoing treatment/entitlement.