Maintaining your hearing aids

Think there’s an issue?

If you are experiencing any problems with your hearing devices, we recommend that your first port of call is to Contact Us. From there, we can suggest steps to troubleshooting, further maintenance advice or determine whether it is best for you to visit our clinic for an over-the-counter service or appointment.

Handy tips when caring for your hearing devices

For general cleaning and care, refer to the following chart providing steps and tips in ensuring your hearing devices quality and longevity is achieved. Refer to Oticon or Phonak for further information.

Handle with care

Handle your hearing aid gently with clean, dry fingers.

Choking hazard. Keep away from children and pets

Dirt & moisture can block the tiny microphone.

Keep your hearing aid dry

Remove before showering, bathing or swimming.

Clean your ears carefully and regularly.

Bathrooms can get steamy, keep your hearing aid somewhere else.

Remove the battery at night.

Use a special drying aid.

Take care of your cosmetics

The fine particles of hairspray, deodorant & makeup may clog the microphone input and volume control switch. Remove the hearing aid before using or removing any cosmetics.

Remember proper cleaning and care advice

Clean with a soft, dry cloth.

Never use alcohol, solvents or cleaning agents.

Consider investing in a proper aftercare range.

Allow your hearing care professional to check your device from time to time.

Keep your hearing aid in its case

Carrying your hearing aids in their case will keep it safe from dirt and moisture.

Remove the batteries from your hearing aid when not in use for long periods.

Leave all repairs to an expert

Step away from the screwdriver! Tools or oil can cause irreparable damage to sensitive micro - mechanical & electrical systems.

Your hearing care professional will be able to advise you on what you can do to avoid the problem in future.